As daughter of a German mother and an Italian father I have specialized in languages: Italian, German and English.


After several years of work as European Secretary and person in charge of international sales (mainly at Bosch-Siemens household appliances and Siemens) as well as studies at the University of Florence, in 1996 I passed my additional exams in order to become a registered translator and interpreter.


Since then I offer translations for the following combinations:

Italian - German, German-Italian, English - German, German - English, Italian - English, English - Italian


In order to guarantee excellent quality in my translations I am assisted by a mothertongue proofreader if necessary.


Additionally, I can offer certified translations for official documents in Italian or German. So far I have translated texts in the following areas:


Technics (mainly automative engineering and household appliances) Economics

Guidebooks, History of arts, Architecture

General and advertising texts



I have worked as a freelance translator for the following companies and institutions:

Arthrex GmbH, Pocket Pilot Verlag, Audi, Siemens, Bosch-Siemens Household Appliances, Siemens Business Services, IBM, EADS, TÜV, MTU Aero Engines, Topos publishing house, Gentlemen’s Week, Panificio Veritas, Fegime, Wittur, the Italian Consulate, the Italian Chamber of Commerce, the Labour Court and District Court of Munich, Volkshochschule (Adult Education Center) Munich


I offered my services as freelance interpreter at several fairs in Munich and Milan as well as during all kind of national and international meetings and factory visits at companies like Bosch-Siemens Househoold Appliances, Audi, Osram, Fegime, Wittur, Tinox.


For any request for a translation offer, please write to me through my form. I will come back to you as fast as possible.


Please note that the price for translations is calculated per line and varies from text to text according to its style and contents. Therefore, I can only submit a concrete offer once you have sent me the text to translate.


For any data or document sent I follow the usual rules of privacy - stated under "privacy".